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Create rich multiangle videos easily

Evergig is a free service that allows you to smart edit multiangle videos of your favorite moments, helping you share what you love doing : concerts, dance rehearsals, cooking classes. We built this service to help you avoid all the time-consuming editing process. You can now focus on what's important : your passion !

You are a starting musician, a professional dancer, an apsiring comedian, an engaged teacher, an applied makeup artist, an amateur chef, or maybe you just love being here, praise every instant, and you want to share your enthusiasm with the world : Evergig is the tool for you !

Share your most epic moments with your friends and family. Strengthen your community and gain the loyalty of your fans and followers by providing them with high quality content. Grab a guitar, brush, pan, book, and let your talent speak for itself. You just have to film yourself with at least 2 devices, upload to Evergig, and we'll handle what would've taken you hours of editing...for free !

The result is amazing : a rich multiangle video smartly edited with only the best footage using face recognition, no dark images, no blur. Got some questions ? Come and visit our blog with instructive tutorials !